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Effective industry sector partnerships

Industry Sector Partnerships (ISPs) are widely recognized as a proven strategy for meeting the employment and skill needs of workers and employers. The Ohio Manufacturing Association has adopted the ISP model to help solve Ohio’s manufacturing workforce challenges.

Sector Partnerships 101

  • Industry-led and focused on manufacturing workforce issues
  • Regional and collaborative approach
  • Staffed by a neutral intermediary who has or can develop relationships with local manufacturers, education, workforce, economic development and other community-based partnerships.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Industry members are representatives from various firms in a single industry. They include:
    • K-12
    • Adult basic education
    • Adult Techincal Centers
    • Community Colleges
    • Career Technical Centers
    • Universities
    • Community-based organizations
    • Human services organizations
    • Workforce boards, OhioMansJobs Centers
    • Economic development organizations

Our Guiding Principles

  • Industry Led: Industry leaders set and take ownership of priorities
  • Collaborative: The AMC prioritizes common needs above individual company interests when acting on behalf of the consortium
  • Innovative: We seek best practices to inform strategies and solutions
  • Needs-Focused: The AMC keeps a finger on the pulse of local manufacturers’ ever-changing needs, including emerging and advanced technologies

AMC Board

  • Tori Atkinson: Executive Director
  • Lisa Wilson: President, representing Worthington Industries
  • Michael Tisovic: Vice President, representing Wieland Chase
  • James Drewes: Treasurer, representing Northwest State Community College
  • John Mansel-Pleydell: Co-Secretary, representing Northern Buckeye Education Council
  • Jani Tisovic: Co-Secretary, representing Northwest State Community College
  • Steve Wesolowski / Billy Meyer: Co-Directors, representing Haas Door
  • Greg Lee: Director, representing CK Technologies
  • Sandie Baker: Director, representing Allied Moulded Products

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