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Active Grants

EDA Good Jobs Challenge Grant

As an endorsed industry sector partner with the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, the AMC has been granted a sub-award of $930,000 under the EDA Good Jobs Challenge grant program The goals of this grant are very simple; to create a network of partners and install a framework of programs that in turn create career pathways into the local manufacturing sector for anyone interested.

These programs are open to everyone, but also specifically target underserved and underutilized populations in our local communities. With this funding in hand, we are actively seeking out individuals in the community that could benefit from the many opportunities that the manufacturing sector has to offer. We hope to not only raise awareness of these opportunities, but to also create a sustainable system that provides a pipeline of local talent that is eager and ready to work.

Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation ISP Grant

The purpose of the ISP grant is to infuse the AMC’s already established workforce development programs and strategies with state funding in order to accelerate their progress. Specifically, this grant was awarded to accomplish the following:

  • Assist in the growth of manufacturing employer and local K-12 school district membership
  • Assist in the launching of various manufacturing specific pre-apprenticeship programs in K-12 schools located within our service area
  • Assist in the recruitment of qualified candidates into Northwest State Community Colleges’ EDGE program. This program was conceived by the AMC and is fueled by the partnership and effort of our membership base.
  • Assist in the launch of a short-term training program that integrates English as a Second Language (ESL) training into manufacturing specific technical training to best prepare individuals for job opportunities that are sustainable long term. This program is built to serve all individuals who struggle with the English language, but specifically targets the local Latinx communities.
  • Assist in forming programs in local K-12 schools that better connect manufacturing employers with students interested in pursuing careers in this industry

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Active Programs


This program is short term and open to anyone looking for a springboard into an entry level position in the manufacturing sector that has no prerequisites and potential for growth. The program takes many shapes and forms depending on the employers involved or the skills being taught, but typically involves two – three weeks of training, full time, in a technical skill. Additionally, WorkAdvance also includes career readiness workshops within that time and always finishes with job placement services and resources.


These programs typically target high school juniors and seniors who are looking to get a head start in workforce training. Programs range from welding to computer aided design, industrial maintenance, and anything in-between. These programs always include tours of facilities and have the potential of offering paid work experiences as well. Contact us today for more information about this opportunity.


The AMC and NSCC are collaborating again this year to provide both individuals and local manufacturers the opportunity to take advantage of an accelerated industrial maintenance apprenticeship pathway. The EDGE program takes all of the coursework associated with an industrial maintenance apprenticeship and packs it into two college semesters instead of spreading it out over a four-year period. The commitment to this program is minimal, only requiring students to be present on Mondays and Tuesdays over the course of two semesters. Many companies have found success in this program, utilizing it to upskill their current workers into skilled positions in a short amount of time.

Latinx Manufacturing Career Pathway

The AMC has partnered with the Columbus Literacy Council to create a non-native English speaker manufacturing career pathway. This program specifically targets the large populations of non-native English-speaking communities in our northwest Ohio area. The program is designed to provide a long list of supportive resources, while also offering English as a second language courses, manufacturing specific training programs, job placement services, and ongoing employer specific training opportunities for all individuals interested in finding a career in the manufacturing sector.

Contact us to learn more about our current grants and programs, how you can participate, or how your company/organization can partner with us.

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