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Whether you are just starting in your career or you are simply ready for a change, the manufacturing industry has career opportunities that match your skill level and interests. To help you get started, we have pulled together information from AMC manufacturers that have jobs available locally.

AMC manufacturers

The manufacturing industry offers ever-evolving, dynamic career opportunities in the STEM fields. These opportunities are available for students wanting to earn a college degree as well as those who are ready to enter the workforce right after graduation. With opportunities for advancement, on-site job training, tuition reimbursement and competitive salaries and benefits, a career in manufacturing should be on every high school student’s list to consider.

Unfortunately, manufacturers are struggling to find the workforce they need to keep up with the demands of the industry. A big reason for this is a perpetuating myth that manufacturing facilities are full of general laborers who work in unsafe conditions in dead-end jobs. This could not be farther from the truth.

Worthington Industries

Worthington Industries is a leading industrial manufacturing company, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio that operates more than 50 facilities in nine countries. For over six decades, the Company has been delivering innovative solutions to customers spanning industries such as automotive, energy, retail and construction. Worthington is North America’s premier value-added steel processor and producer of laser-welded solutions and electrical steel laminations that provide lightweight, safety-critical and emission-reducing components to the mobility market.

Through onboard fueling systems and gas containment solutions, Worthington also serves the growing global hydrogen ecosystem. The Company’s focus on innovation and manufacturing expertise extends to market-leading consumer products in tools, outdoor living and celebrations categories, sold under brand names, Coleman®, Bernzomatic®, Balloon Time®, Mag Torch®, Well-X-Trol®, General®, Garden-Weasel®, Pactool International® and Hawkeye™; as well as market-leading building products, including water systems, heating & cooling solutions, architectural and acoustical grid ceilings and metal framing and accessories. The Company’s Delta, Ohio facility and its 200-plus employees provide value-added steel processing for a variety of markets, including automotive, construction and agriculture.

Career opportunities at Worthington Industries

Wieland Chase

Wieland Chase provides a variety of leaded alloys; C360, C377, C450, C350, C353, low-lead alloys; C370, C363, C27450, and lead-free alloys; ECO BRASS C693, C6985 and ECO BRONZE C87850 in ingot form. In our effort to support our customers and drive re-shoring, we have a highly automated operation to produce high quality, engineered forgings that are competitively produced and Made in America.

Career opportunities at Wieland Chase

Haas Door Company

Haas Door Company is a locally owned manufacturer of residential and commercial garage doors. Operating in Northwest Ohio since 1954, our products exhibit unsurpassed quality and workmanship. We are committed to helping the independent dealer become more successful. From the very first garage door installed in 1939 to ones manufactured on our production lines today, the idea of continuous improvement is always at the forefront. Constant focus to improve products and processes to better meet customers’ needs has led to Haas Door’s success. Haas Door consists of quality people engaged in producing quality products through innovative manufacturing processes.

Career opportunities at Haas Door Company

CK Technologies

We produce plastic injection parts for the commercial truck and bus industry. These parts are used on exteriors; bumpers, grilles, fairings and other body panels, interiors; instrument panels, consoles, A&B pillars and other trim panels) and under the hood (splash shields, fan shrouds and mud flaps). CK Technologies provides many part assemblies and specializes in base/clear coat painting capable of custom body color-matching with over 15,000 colors available. Complete in-line sequencing compliments our capabilities.

Career opportunities at CK Technologies

Sauder Woodworking

Sauder Woodworking Co. is North America’s leading producer of ready-to-assemble furniture and one of the top five residential furniture manufacturers in in the United States. Our facilities encompass nearly 4 million square feet of space, employ about 2,000 workers and house a wide variety of local and imported materials.  Sauder also sources furniture from a network of quality global partners, all supported by domestic warehouses in three strategic locations.

Career opportunities at Sauder Woodworking

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Why chose manufacturing

  • Contribute to the economy – manufacturing helps support local, national and global economies

  • Work with new technologies – turn your passion for using the latest gadgets into a career

  • Improved safety – today’s manufacturing uses technology to work smarter and safer than ever before

  • Job stability – manufacturing is considered an essential business and one that often offers higher wages and benefits in order to retain skilled workers

  • Career growth – with on-site job training you can advance your skills and your career

  • Make something real – Take pride in making products that are used in everyday life and tell friends and family “I made that”

  • Stay active – Although manufacturing does offer office jobs, most careers in the industry will keep you moving, active and collaborating with others

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